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Acupuncture treatment for IVF

A recent meta-analysis of clinical trials showed that acupuncture significantly improved rates of conception for women undergoing IVF.

Ladies, to maximise your IVF potential, we generally recommend the following.

Before starting: Ideally, we like to see people three months before the cycle begins. This is known as preconception care. These 90 days are about improving egg quality, the structure of the endometrial lining, reducing the stress response and working through any other issues specific to you.

Stimulation phase: This phase is rife with side effects, many of which can be addressed gently and naturally with acupuncture. Reducing stress to minimise the physical stress response is a large part of the focus here.

Men, while your role is less taxing, the genetic material you are passing on is every bit as important. To read about how an appointment can help you or your partner’s sperm health, check out our Men’s Suite.

Egg collection

We like to see our patients in the few days following their egg collection.

Post egg collection procedure, your body will need somewhere between 4 and 14 days to recover. Treatment focuses on treating local trauma to aid in recovery, minimising symptoms to make you feel comfortable and reducing stress and anxiety to create a calm environment for the arrival of an embryo.

Embryo transfer – pre and post

It’s been found that adding pre and post embryo acupuncture treatments can increase implantation rates.

We use points specific to your needs, as well as a protocol of points used in clinical trials which aim to decrease uterine contractions and support regulate stress responses. We like to see patients on the morning of their transfer and as close to after the transfer as possible.

The 'Two Week Wait' (TWW)

Some women and men find the TWW the hardest part. Acupuncture can help calm the mind and regulate and minimise the stress response.

Pilot studies also indicate early in pregnancy may decrease miscarriage rates by supporting physiological changes conducive to pregnancy.

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