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Trying to conceive

It takes around 90 days for a sperm cell to fully develop. This time of preconception care can play a major role in the health of sperm.

To support conception, we like to see patients three months before you start trying to conceive, however it’s never too late to start. We generally see patients once a week for between one and three months with the goal of spacing out treatments.

There are also plenty of simple lifestyle changes we suggest implementing while preparing or trying to conceive.

Note: While larger trials are needed before we can make definitive conclusions, there are a number of smaller studies showing acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine to have positive results on sperm health.

Sperm collection

Studies show a course of acupuncture in the 8 weeks prior to sperm collection can improve sperm motility and morphology which can significantly increase fertilisation rates when compared to patients who do not have acupuncture.

While we like to see IVF patients for a course of 12 weeks, at a minimum we recommend a treatment the day before or day of sperm collection.

Guys, the answer to a commonly answered question is – acupuncture points for sperm collection treatments are located on arms, legs and the abdomen or back.

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