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Your 5 Point Guide to Surviving the Two Week Wait

"100%.  It was the longest two weeks of my life!"

Jo, Patient (used with permission)

Having experienced my own TWW’s and living through patients TWW, I know exactly how difficult it is to resist the temptation to wee on a stick several times a day from the day after possible conception.  For ART sisters, a urine test may give a false positive, so it’s even more important to resist the temptation.  It can just be a really tough 14-ish days to get through.  From my own experience and the combined experience of  my patients, here are 5 excellent tips to help make the TWW a little easier.

Tip One:  Create a middle ground

It is great to be optimistic, however it can set you up to feel more despondent if it isn’t your month. While I certainly don’t condone becoming a pessimist I recommend taking a “cautiously hopeful” approach.  Remind yourself as often as you need that it will be great it works this month, but allow yourself space to believe that it also might not work this particular cycle, and that is OK. This leads us to tip two…


Tip Two: The Consolation Prize

Spend the TWW researching a consolation prize.  Find something that you couldn’t do if you were pregnant – organise a girls night, compete in that fun run, or do a winery tour.  Something that while not the ultimate goal, is something you will get joy from.  I had a patient who would make quarterly consolation weekends away throughout her IVF experience.  She had 3 fantastic mini-vacays and was happy to cancel her fourth when she got that positive result.


Tip Three: Distract, distract, distract

Don’t leave this to chance; PLAN it.  Find a great book and save it for the TWW, or start that Netflix series, meet with friends, whatever you have to do to be busy.  One patient would cook a three-course meal for friends on both Saturdays of her TWW.


Tip Four:  The Mantra

Set yourself an intention for the TWW.  Something that is simple, positive and feels right to you. One patient - a self confessed control freak  - would start every day with “I will accept the things outside of my control”.


Tip Five:  Look After Number One

Treat yourself like the goddess you are.  Sleep, eat well, take your pre-natal vitamins, continue acupuncture treatments to support implantation, exercise gently and why not get a mani-pedi in there if that’s your thing.  Be kind to your body and your mind.


And a final reminder – try not to take a test before your period is one or two days late.  It can be disheartening, expensive and not necessarily accurate.


Helping you reach your fertility potential xxx



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