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The 3 appointments you should make BEFORE you try to conceive

With so much pre-conception information available it's easy to get overwhelmed with where to start and what is important.  Start here!  These three appointments can drastically improve your chances of a healthy baby and should all be made three months prior to trying to conceive.

Appointment:  Your GP
For:  Maternal health infection screening.

There are a few infections that are easily and effectively screened for that can be dangerous during pregnancy.  All of the tests pertain to infections that have a dormant phase – so you can have it without knowing - but all can be treated or managed once you know.

Don’t wait until you're pregnant:

This screening test is standard at your initial pregnancy appointment - that's helpful but not as helpful as having it prior to conception.  Not all treatment is safe during pregnancy.  Getting your screen done early gives you time to assess your decisions in terms of treatment, and manage it before pregnancy occurs.

Appointment:  Natural health clinic, herbalist or naturopath
For:  A quality prenatal vitamin

When it comes to your prenatal supplement opt for something that says “practitioner only” or even better “clinic only” on its label, and avoid anything off-the-shelf *cough Elevit*.  Practitioner or Clinic Only generally contain a higher quality, more bioactive form of each ingredient, meaning it’s more easily absorbed and metabolised by the body.  You'll need to speak to a qualified health professional to be prescribed one of these high quality prenatal supplements.  The Fertility Suite recommends Bioceuticals Natal Essentials and Innatal with or without Iron.

Don’t wait until you're pregnant:
  1. Egg health - It takes three months for an egg cell to mature.  It is important to ensure the right nutrients are available during this time to help support healthy cell development, fertilisation and embryonic development.
  2. Fetal health - Folate from your pre-natal is a MUST.  Defects associated with a lack of folate are drastic and are most likely to occur in the first four to six weeks.  Given many women don’t even know they’re pregnant during this time, it’s a given that its better to get on to this asap.

Appointment:  Acupuncturist
For:  Conception support

Well of course I was going to say this. Research indicates that acupuncture may shorten the time to conception.


Don’t wait until you're pregnant:

While acupuncture has been found to be a fantastic tool for securing early pregnancy and managing pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, research has shown acupuncture can support healthy egg quality and a healthy endometrial lining.  And if the whole thing feels a little overwhelming, guess what?  Acupuncture can help with that.  Studies have shown treatments can shift the body from a physiological state of stress, to one of rest.

Want to read up on sperm health? Or ready to make an appointment?


Jenna x

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