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Preconception sobriety – what to do first

September 18, 2019 | Tags:alcohol and fertility, infertility,

Sorry to be the gin and tonic Grinch but going sober while trying to conceive is important for healthy fertility.   We know that eggs take around 88 days to fully mature.  Everything that happens in that time impacts the health of these cells so if you’re looking to support egg quality, spending 3 months dry is the way to go.  We also know alcohol can mess with hormones, ovarian reserve (aka – the number of eggs left) and a healthy ovulatory cycle.

If you’re having trouble getting preconception sober or staying on the wagon, start here:


Get a wingwoman – or better yet, a wingMAN

Sticking to goals is easier if you have an accountability buddy.  If you’re looking for someone to help you, your husband, partner or sperm donor makes perfect wingman.  Did you know that drinking can influence the health of sperm too?  Drinking has a negative impact on the sperm parameters of morphology and volume, particularly at a higher intake.  Getting him involved gives you both emotional support and results in healthier sperm.

It’s OK to fake it

It’s hard enough to say no to yourself, let alone other people.  If you’re TTC and not ready to share that, try faking it.

  • Hold a glass of wine all night
  • Opt for a sparkling water with a lemon wedge
  • Just rip it up on the dancefloor and tell anyone nearby you love them and no-one will know
  • Mocktail? One is fun but it doesn’t take long to realise they’re mostly fizzy sugar-laden juices.  And they’re not cheap.  Hard miss.


Do it for a cause you can yell about

Raise money for a charity with your sobriety efforts.  You’ll be helping out something dear to you AND you’ll look like a legend when people pester you about why you’re not drinking.   Check out the site “my cause


Know yourself

Fail to plan, plan to fail.  Identify your weak spots and make a plan.

  • Nightcap lover?  Replace with a fancy posh lady tea
  • Love a drink to relax?  Look for something else to move you into rest, nest and digest (ahem, acupuncture)
  • Drink to socialise?  Choose to gather around something different. A walk, a movie, a class… you get the picture


If you’re really struggling, it is important to seek further help.  Alcohol is a known teratogenic meaning drinking into pregnancy can have serious long lasting implications on the health of your developing babe, and research shows that foetal alcohol syndrome and other alcohol-related birth defects can be prevented if women stop drinking alcohol prior to conception.


Be brave enough to ask for help.

This article touched on sperm health, there is more you can do.

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