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Five supplements to naturally max out your fertility

Hello UNIQUE body with individual needs!  Wondering about supplements for fertility?  You don't need to take errrrrrrything.  Anything below sound familiar?


Could you have low progesterone?

Symptoms:   Irregular cycles, weight gain, cheek and jawline acne, hormonal migraines, a tendency to feel the cold

ADD:  Vitamin B6.  Vitamin B6 is a fundamental vitamin for the development of the corpus luteam – a dynamic and temporary gland which produces progesterone in the second half of your cycle.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Brain function



Could you have high estrogen?

Symptoms:  PMS, swollen breasts or fibrocystic breasts, heavy or irregular menstrual bleeding, tendency to feel warm or have hot flashes

ADD:  Calcium D-glucarate.  It will help your liver process estrogen to reverse estrogen dominance.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Decrease the LDL cholesterol (yip, that’s the bad one)


Could you have diminished egg quality?

Signs:  Any woman around or older than 35, or women with a history of recurrent first trimester miscarriage

ADD:  Co-enzyme Q10.  I love this antioxidant and I think everyone trying to conceive should be on it!  A 2015 study showed age associated changes in egg quality are minimised when CoQ10 is at optimal levels.  Women of 4o or older, consider taking your Co-Q10 in ubiquinol form.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  Slow the aging process of your skin


Could you need more sunshine? 

Symptoms:  Weight gain, low moods, PMS symptoms

ADD: Vitamin D.  Our major source is sunshine, but even here in sunny Australia, more than 30 per cent of adults are deficient.  Vitamin D is involved in development of sex hormones crucial for a healthy reproductive system.  In the IVF world, adequate vitamin D has been been strongly linked to successful IVF outcomes.

IT'LL ALSO HELP:  Your bones and teeth - now and well into old age.


Or do you have PMS with gastro intestinal issues?

Symptoms:  Bloating, cramping, constipation

ADD:  Magnesium.  Can I have more than one favourite?  This mineral is essential for over 300 reactions in our bodies – and we’re getting less than ever. Typically found in green leafy vegetables, our soils are depleted and a result, so are we.

IT’LL ALSO HELP:  SO MUCH MORE - Sleep, energy production, healthy mood stability, act as an anti-inflammatory within the body.

For a more personally tailored approach, find me in Manly NSW, or drop me a line.

Jenna x

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