A supporting and calm environment to help you reach your fertility potential

Our approach

We provide natural reproductive healthcare to help you reach your fertility potential, in a supporting and calm setting, with practitioners who are experienced, knowledgeable and passionate.

Our goal has always been to offer natural reproductive medical treatment of the highest quality. For founding practitioner Jenna, this meant undertaking a master’s degree in reproductive medicine after a natural health science degree in order to be fully able to integrate and utilise two medical systems – Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the contemporary biomedical model.

All our practitioners are well versed and educated in reproductive health, assisted reproductive technology, conditions limiting fertility and treatment throughout pregnancy, into labour preparation, and supporting mother’s during the early days of motherhood. We treat with a combination of acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, high quality supplements, diet and lifestyle advice, and our own range of meticulously designed products created in response to our patient’s needs.

Jenna McDonald, founder of The Fertility Suite

Jenna McDonald, MRMed BHSc BPhEd

I am equipped with the knowledge, scientific research and the true motivation to help you maximise your fertility.

I am…

A Practitioner at Heart.
I truly love sitting with a person and learning about their past and present health and what they picture for their future. I take a holistic approach – using blood tests, acupuncture, Chinese herbs, supplements, diet and movement advice. It’s an absolute privilege to work with the special people that come in to my world.

A Curious Mind.
I have formally studied humans and our health for eight years – I have a Master’s degree in Reproductive Medicine and two Bachelor’s degrees with four majors. I continued to do an internship while practicing in and running my own busy clinic because I simply wanted to learn more. I just can’t get enough of how mind-blowingly complex human beings are.

Goal Oriented.
I know that identifying the target and outlining steps to get there is the best way to move forward. My brain naturally wants to convert dreams into goals.  This is my approach to my life and this is how I help women and men reach their fertility potential.

A Mumma to Felix and Rosie.
I understand and can relate to your journey. My babies were the greatest thing that happened for me and I want that opportunity for you too. My fertility experience was not straight forward and it opened my eyes to the fear, anxiety and stress that can be associated with the desire for a successful pregnancy, and how to thrive in spite of these feelings.

A work in progress.
Aren’t we all?  I’m working on it too.

The patient-practitioner relationship is such an important part of treatment, sometimes people just mesh. If you think you like how I work, please contact me. Let’s work together to reach your fertility potential.

Our clinic

We love it! Our beautiful clinic was purpose designed to feel calm and quiet and provide the perfect antidote to the stress and hurriedness that many women experience during their time trying to conceive.

Our temperature-controlled dispensary contains more than 110 herbs. We only use herbs sourced from Australia’s most reputable suppliers with a record of efficacy and safety.

Our treatment rooms are peaceful, outfitted with natural materials and textures and our treatment tables are luxurious, extra wide and height adjustable for easy accessibility.

Located in the heart of Manly we are opposite ‘The Office’, just a stones throw from the Manly Wharf.

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