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Four Fertility boosting snacks to add (and one to ditch ASAP!)

Welcome, snack lover.

Easily accessible snack foods are often jammed with hormone disrupters or are packed with insulin boosting, liver loading sugar – basically, stuff we want to avoid for our reproductive health.  Let’s keep it simple.

Get some of these:

  • Almonds:  Easy to eat and satisfyingly crunchy with a warming thermal nature.  Almonds are high in healthy fats, the building blocks of sex hormones.  Lightly dry fry for easier digestion.
  • Hard boiled eggs: In TCM boiling is the most nutritious way to eat eggs, as a lot of the benefits are found in the shell.  Eggs are the complete food.  High in healthy fats, B-vitamins and proteins, all essential for fertility.  BTW, those good fats are all in the yolk, so nah-uh to egg white omelettes.
  • Avocado: Also high in those hormone supporting healthy fats, avo is super easy, super filling and super quick to eat as a spread or by itself.  A particularly good option during the follicular phase (second half of the cycle), our little avo friends are considered to be blood builders, just what you need after your period.  They are also jammed full of vitamin E – found in copious amounts inside the fluid of the growing follicle.
  • Pomegranate: Not the easiest fruit to eat but well worth the effort.  Thought to boost blood flow to the uterus, historically pomegranates have been associated with fertility in many cultures throughout history.  They make an ideal snack for both partners due to their high zinc content – important for both ovulation and healthy sperm development.


PLEASE ditch immediately:

  • Reduced fat dairy: Is this even still a thing? An Oxford University study found women with a high intake of reduced fat dairy also had increased risk of anovulation, resulting in infertility.  Reduced fat anything nearly always requires allllllll of the sugar and/or salt to compensate for the lack of flavour (and even then, it’s never really as good). Don’t do it.


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Jenna x

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